Sunday 24th September 2017

By kind permission of Their Graces the Duke and Duchess of Beaufort.


This website will open for entries to the Badminton Ride 2017, taking place on Sunday 24th September this year, on Monday 1st May. An ‘Entries’ tab will be added to the tabs at the top of this page on 1st May, and the on-line entry form with boxes for all required details will be there.

From 1st May, Online (preferred) and postal (not preferred but possible; see the Contact Us tab for details of the Entries Secretary) entries in advance of the event will be accepted up until 6pm on Monday 18th September 2017. Thereafter riders must enter on the day of the event in person at the Entries Tent. Advance entry fees are non-refundable under any circumstance, even in the unlikely event of the Ride’s cancellation.

The cost of advance entries will be £20 for riders aged 15 and over, and £15 for riders aged under 15. The cost of entries on the day will be £30 for riders aged 15 and over, and £20 for riders aged under 15.

Our Charity this year

The Ride’s chosen principal charity for 2017 is ‘The Great Badminton Church Restoration Fund’. Badminton Church is the Parish Church for the village and is run and funded by the community and its Parochial Church Council (PCC). Whilst being a fine Grade 1 Listed building, nature has been taking its toll on the fabric of the building since the last restoration in 1968 – 71. Although the roof is generally in good condition, the stonework around the top of the building in particular has suffered badly. Areas of masonry have become damaged and pieces have fallen away, and are in urgent need of repair. In places, water is seeping in and starting to cause damage to the interior. The top priority is to make safe the electrics and to install heating. Thereafter the priority is to make the church watertight, followed by internal redecoration of the damaged areas. Three phases are planned: Phase 1 (estimate £50K) is electrics and heating, and is underway; Phase 2 (estimate £80K) is external repair; and Phase 3 (no estimate as yet) is internal repair. Funding of all this work is reliant solely on donations and grants. The reasons that the Ride has chosen the Restoration Fund as its principal charity this year are not only that this is our local parish church that needs looking after, and so a very worthy cause, but that the Ride was originally established in the mid 1970s to support this very church. The Ride is thus reverting to its roots!

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